Tourism is among Georgia’s key state priorities. According to official data, the share of tourism in Georgia’s GDP has been 6.9% and 6.3% in 2012 and 2011 respectively. This trend is witnessing its further increases. For a small country like Georgia, located, competitive advantages of its location on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, access to the Black Sea basin, availability three international airports in capital Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi contribute to the increase in the number of visitors and generate motivation to improve its existing tourism infrastructure.

Adventure tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism in Georgia. In 2013, number of adventure travellers amounted to 700’000. The number of local (i.e. Georgian) free-ride and ski adventure customers has also increased. Due to these factors, Georgia does not have enough pool of qualified and professionally trained personnel, as well as needed infrastructure.

One of the most visited Georgian regions by adventure tourists is Kazbegi region, North of Georgia, as most of the visitors are interested in climbing the mountain Kazbegi (5047m). According to the GNTA’s, more than 30’000 persons travelled to Kazbegi in 2015, however, only 5’000 reached the Bethlehem Hut (3’670m) with over one thousand climbing the summit itself.

Unfortunately, the existing infrastructure (e.g. hut, etc.) on the mountain is insufficient and inadequate to keep up with the ever-increasing number of tourists. The absence of waste management, wastewater and sewerage facilities are among major concerns and might turn into a large-scale environmental problem if not addressed timely.


Based on the above-mentioned facts, an overall goal of the business idea is to improve existing touristic infrastructure on Mt Kazbegi in order to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of visitors by:
1. Building a Mountain Hut / Shelter (AltiHut 3.14) with kitchen and showers for up to 30 persons (as a start) enabling safer and more comfortable traffic on the mountain
2. Arranging the two Bio Toilets for the visitors of the hut and other travellers
3. Opening of a café and a small shop
4. Setting up of the waste management system
5. Organising of the camping place on the surrounding of the hut
6. Planning and arranging of additional trekking trails
7. Offering space for an additional mountain rescue station –that has been discussed/agreed with the voluntary Mountain Rescue Association (the sufficient legal agreement will follow)
The location of the hut was selected after consultations with avalanche specialists, geologists and civil engineers, as well as local guides and tourism professionals. Several field visits were undertaken to corroborate collected anecdotal evidence and feedback.

AltiHut 3.14, Sabertse,
Kazbegi, Georgia
42.660872 N , 44.558625 E (WGS84)


Phone: (+995) 577 77 79 79

Email: info@altitude.ge